Pet a Baby Animal and Learn About a CSA

Baby Goats

The goats take a break from all the petting to enjoy a snack.

Runt the baby lamb

Runt the baby lamb.


The baby chick being held by a child at the event.

On March 14 the farm was over ran with baby animals and people  eager to learn about our CSA program. This was our First Annual Pet a Baby Animal and Learn About a CSA event that we have hosted. The families had a chance to play and pet baby animals that included baby chicks, a baby lamb, baby goats, and a baby rabbit.


The baby rabbit that attended the event.

We also encouraged children to build an egg carton greenhouse at the event. The children had the chance to plant bean seeds in the egg cartons that were filled with dirt. They then took those egg cartons home and placed them in clear plastic bags after watering them really well. After these egg cartons would spend a week in a sunny window the children would start to see bean sprouts. They could then take the bags off and plant the beans in a long term container. The little gardens are a great way for the children to start to learn where their food is coming from. Overall the event was a great success and we are thankful for all the wonderful support the we receive from the community.