Watch It Grow!

During our last farm event we encouraged the children to plant a egg carton greenhouse. These greenhouses are a great way to get children interested in learning about where their food is coming from. The egg carton greenhouse is a super easy and pretty clean way to garden inside your house.

If you did not attend our last event or did not have a chance to plant an egg carton greenhouse below are the steps on how to get started.

Getting started

Getting started


Step 1: Fill an egg carton with dirt.

Step 2: Plant a send with the egg carton holders. For our egg carton greenhouse we used green bean seeds.

Step 3: Cover the seeds with dirt so the seed is tucked into its new dirt home. Then water the egg carton really well.

Step 4: Place the egg carton into a clear plastic bag once it is drenched in water. We used a Ziploc Bag. Then place the egg carton greenhouse in a sunny window. After about a week you will see sprouts.

Step 5: Once the beans start to sprout you can remove the egg carton from the clear plastic bag.

One week!

One week!

Now that the beans have sprouted and the roots need room to stretch out it is time to transplant the plants to a bigger container. These steps are listed below.



Step 1: Gather some dirt in a container that is roomy for the beans. I went to the store and choose a small counter container and organic dirt. The cost for both items was only $4.

Step 2: Fill the container with your dirt.

Step 3: Water the bean plants that are still in the egg cartons. This will make it easier to take the plants out to the egg carton.

Step 4: Very carefully take the plants from the egg carton and place them in the dirt of the new container. Make sure to gently break the roots apart so that they can stretch out in the new dirt and take a better hold of their new home.

Step 5: Once all of the bean plants are in their new home water the container very well. The newly transplanted plants will need a good watering due to the stress of the move.

Step 6: Watch your newly transplanted plants grow into healthy bean stocks that will hopefully produce healthy green beans in a few short weeks.

Can't wait for fresh beans!

Can’t wait for fresh beans!



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