We are growing!

If you have driven past the farm or talked to Nancy in recent weeks you probably have seen or heard of recent additions on the farm. We are expanding! The farm will hopefully have two new additions within the next few months.

Farm1 Farm2

The first addition is another greenhouse. The greenhouse will be able to be used in the beginning of the 2016 season. The greenhouse will be the house that we will keep our tomatoes and pepper plants in. The tomato and pepper plants are two plants that need intense heat to grow well and they are also the last plants that are put into the ground.

The second addition is a chicken barn that will hold 2,500 chickens at a time. We will house our egg-laying hens in this new barn. The chicken barn will hopefully be ready to move chickens into within the middle of our 2015 season. This new barn is being built within the area that our cows were once pastured on. The chickens will be able to roam the pasture area freely during the day while having access to the barn to lay their eggs.   Come visit us to see our expansion!


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