An Eggs-cellent Post


We sure do have a lot of chickens at Kellner Back Acre Garden! A ong with our many chickens we have many eggs. Our eggs come in different sizes and colors. So why are there different colors and sizes?


The egg in the middle of the picture above is a pullet egg. A pullet egg should not be confused with Bantam chicken eggs. The pullet egg is small because it is the first egg a hen will lay. The hen will lay this egg while they are working on their learning curve. The eggs will gradually become larger. A double yoke egg or extra-large egg (far right in picture) will come from an experienced hen. This hen has been laying for awhile and might not lay eggs for much longer.

The color of the egg is dependent on the breed of the hen and not what the hen eats. The main breed of hens that we have on our farm is the Lohman Brown hens. We have chosen the Lohman Brown breed because they are friendly and good layers. We also have a few other breeds of hens at the farm, which is how we get the different color of eggs like the purple and white egg shown in picture above on the left side.

Come visit us to get some of your own farm-fresh organic eggs!


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