Notes from the field: Peas

The pea plants are filled with blooms and we saw our first pea pod over the weekend! We have high hopes that the pea crop is going to be GREAT this year. We have planted Mr. Big Peas, which are a type of the sugar snap peas. The pea pods will grow large and with about 10 large peas in its pod.

pea 1 pea 2

The Mr. Big Pea excels growing in full sun areas. This pea also is a very hardy plant that can handle the Wisconsin weather. The seed is planted directly into the soil and will take about 58 days to grow to full maturity. We planted the seeds in about early May after the last deep frost. Planting the seeds at this time will give them the best flavor. We hope that by mid-August we will be enjoying the tastefulness of the Mr. Big Peas.


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