Let’s Dish… about Peas!

While there are any varieties of peas, two we have available this week are sugar snap peas and the “garden variety” (pun intended) pea-in-a-shell.  Sugar snap peas are great as a snack, especially with a spritz of olive oil and a dash of sea salt.  Peas in a shell require a little more work, since the shell is not tasty like with sugar snap peas.  But these peas have more nutrients.  They can be incredibly sweet and tasty if eaten within a few days of harvesting; otherwise, they can become starchy.  Consider steaming the shelled peas and tossing with some fresh mint and feta for an amazing side dish.  Another option is pea pesto – which can be used like any other pesto – on toast, on chicken, on noodles, etc.

Pea Pesto (adapted from Food Network)

Because peas are best if used within a few days of harvest or if frozen, this recipe is a great way to preserve that fresh taste.  Just eliminate the parmesan and add that upon thawing and using the pesto. 

2 cups shelled peas

1 garlic clove

1/2 cup parmesan

salt & pepper

olive oil

In a food processer, pulse together the peas, garlic, parmesan, and salt & pepper.  With the machine running, slowly add the olive oil.  You may want to add more salt and pepper to taste at this stage.  Enjoy!


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