Notes from the Field: Deer, Deer, Deer, and No Rain!


The Deer are back! They are a real pain this year, as they were the years before. Our back garden, which is where we moved all of our garden to this year, is bordered by a small wooded area. This area is the home to a few doe and their young. Normally this does not cause a problem for us. However, this year the deer have decided that eating all of the blossoms off the zucchini plants and eating the bean plants down to the roots was a good idea. We, of course, do not agree with their decision and have taken action around plants. We have placed the hair clippings from human hair and sprinkled bone meal around the base of these plants in hopes to keep the deer away. We hope that the deer stay away and that the plants will be able to produce yet this year.

We also have the irrigation running every night on our garden since Mother Nature has not given us enough rain this year. The garden driveways are clouds of dust. Running the irrigation is helpful. If the heat and rain stays away it will be a great year for the pepper plants, however, tomato plants will not be happy. Tomato plants grow best in hot wet weather, but with plenty of water.


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