Working for the weekend…

Our customers are busy!  Our market research found our customer is a college-educated, working parent who conscientious of what their family is eating.  But as many of you know, raising children – with their homework and activities- is by itself a full-time job.  Add in your actual paying job and who has time to worry about what goes on the dinner table?


We start our employees young!  (This is our grandson, Bennett)


That’s why Kellner Back Acre Garden does not require members to do any specified hours of work to be a member.  Either you don’t have time for it (in which case you would have your own garden) or you’d rather spend your free time doing something other than with your hands in the dirt.  We get that – everyone has their strengths.  We enjoy getting our hands dirty so you don’t have to!

What is a CSA Worker Share?

Some farms allow members to trade work for a portion of the price of the CSA.  Some farms even require members to work a specified number of hours each week.  There certainly is value to the farmer – trade in labor of a share of the vegetables.  But it can be difficult to manage for the farm.  And while working on the farm each week sounds actually pretty fun, when you get done with work on Tuesday nights and don’t have t-ball, do you really want to be weeding some one else’s garden?

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely!  Want to get your hands dirty for a few hours?  We won’t turn down some extra hands.  Some members enjoy getting out to the farm to see how the process works and understand exactly what goes into making their food.  We have plenty of families that stop by every year to teach their children where food comes from, enjoy some fresh-picked vegetables, and visit our goats, chickens, and kitties.

Call us today.  We’d love to have you stop by.


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