Are our chickens worth the hype?

smoked chicken

Smoked organic chicken from last year’s 4th of July BBQ


You can guess our answer to this question – ABSOLUTELY!  The picture above doesn’t convince you? Okay, let me explain what’s so great about our chickens.

Our chickens are pasture-raised.  This means they have more room to roam, resulting in more exercise.  It takes longer to “fatten” up these birds, but the result is a much better tasting chicken than those who are allotted a mere 1/2 square foot of concrete floor space as in commercial growing operations.

We don’t use antibiotics – ever.  To be fair, chickens you are eating from a commercial operation won’t have antibiotics in their system by the time it reaches the stage of human consumption – the federal government prohibits animals for consumption that have antibiotics in their system.  But some large farmers use antibiotics to get the chicken bigger faster.  Although this results in very large breasts, there is some concern that this can result in creation of antibiotic-resistant strains of diseases.

Our chickens get organic feed.  They also eat their fair share of grass and bugs while out in the pasture (helping our other crops as well!)  Compare this to commercially-raised chickens, which are normally fed a steady diet of just grain (which is often laced with antibiotics or even worse – like arsenic!).

So with our chickens, you can feel better about how they are raised (more humanly) and feel safer about the quality of the meat (given the organic ingredients and no antibiotics) – but you also will receive a better-all-around-quality bird.  Remember how ours get out in the pasture and get exercise?  Less fat.  One study from a British organization in 2012 found some organic free-range chickens had up to 50% LESS FAT than the commercially-grown birds.

Interested in tasting the difference?  FRESH organic chickens are available NOW.  Call us today to get yours.


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