Let’s talk trash

You know what stinks?  All that garbage we produce each year from food waste.  To the tune of 90 BILLION pounds each year.  This costs you $370/year, on average.

trashAs you may already know, a half-share (our most popular CSA offering) costs members $350/year.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Hmm… if I could only figure out a way to reduce my food garbage, saving $370/year, the cost of my CSA is practically a wash.

Here’s how we are aiming to help you:

  1. Planning – each week we provide recipes to aid you with how to use some of the vegetables.  We also provide a chart to all members in our weekly newsletter that describes common preparation methods, as well as how long you can expect to keep that produce fresh in the refrigerator – allowing you to plan which vegetables to eat first to avoid waste.
  2. Quality – since we’re providing you local produce, it is often days fresher than what you would receive in the store . This helps you reduce waste because our produce is likely to last longer than the produce you purchase that has been shipped in from outside the area.
  3. Donate – when you have too much and don’t know what to do with it – donate it.  There’s always food banks willing to accept donations.  We provide excess produce and eggs to our local food bank, which comes in part from CSA shares that aren’t picked up in a particular week because the member is on vacation or too busy.
  4. Compost – if you do have to throw away food, rather then sending it to the local municipal dump (where food trash is the largest contributor), compost it and create your own dirt for planting in the years to come.  We have a large compost pile, which we use for our young plants each year.  If you don’t want your own smelly compost, feel free to drop off your food trash and we’ll compost it.

Want to learn more?  USDA has a great infographic and more education about this initiative here.

Image credit: Freeimages.com/ Marc Garrido i Puig





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