Week #11


photo credit: Freeimages.com/ Jin Neoh

This is a farm blog (which should not come as news to you).  And for as long as there has been farming, there have been farmers watching, and kvetching, about the weather.  So we would be remiss not to mention the hot, dry weather we have been having.  But luckily for our members and customers, we installed irrigation a few years ago.  This allows our plants to soak up the sunshine, while still receiving some much needed water.  And saves us from the back-breaking work of hauling hoses or buckets to get them that water.  Of course, there are some plants that are LOVING this weather, like our corn and our raspberries, which is coming up nicely.  If you are looking for corn, stop in our farm store – we have some organic bi-colored corn currently for $4/dozen.

Also, new this week we got some baby chicks and our turkeys in.  It’s never too early to think about fall, which leads to Thanksgiving…. so here’s your friendly reminder to pre-order your Thanksgiving bird here.  Of course, we love visitors, so stop in with your pre-order sheet, visit the baby birds, and check out the remodel job we are doing on the front of our farm store.  (Even though we are working hard on a new store front, our store remains open for self service every day and staffed on Fridays through the remodel).

This week members are receiving: Sweet corn, Basil, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumbers, and Kohlrabi.  I love making a side dish of corn, basil, tomatoes and sometimes cucumbers too.  But I was thinking of some fresh, new ways to use these ingredients.  Here’s my brilliant idea for a good, fresh, farmer’s market meal the whole family will love:





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