CSA means Caring and Sharing


Image credit: freeimages.com/ B S K


Earlier this week, we asked members to come out and assist in cleaning up the farm.  But we also indicated that non-members that came to help, could keep a pail of tomatoes if they picked enough to also donate a pail to the local food pantry.  So I wanted to take an opportunity to expand upon the work we do for our local community, as well as CSAs everywhere.

As you may recall, CSA stands for community-supported agriculture.  We realize our business would not be here, if it was not for the backing of our community.  And so we recognize and welcome our duty to give back to our community.  One of the ways we do this is by donations to our local food pantry.  In weeks where we have excess harvest, we have donated to the pantry.  In addition, we have received an award in the past from Land O Lakes for the eggs we routinely donated to Denmark’s food pantry.

But we’re not alone – many CSAs share in giving back to their community as well.  For example, in nearby Appleton, Riverview Gardens converted an old country club into a CSA.  The intent is to employ individuals that have barriers to stable employment, providing an immediate source of revenue, but also to act as a job-training program.

A little further away, in urban Milwaukee, sits Growing Power.  Run by Will Allen, whose supporters include Michelle Obama, the focus is on safe, affordable, sustainable food sources for the local community.  Mr. Allen has locations throughout Wisconsin, as well as Chicago, and satellite offices throughout the country, in an effort to teach how to replicate their successful growing methods in other urban locations.

So in addition to all the personal benefits you might receive from joining a CSA, there also community benefits.  Win-Win!  Talk to us about signing up for a CSA share next year. Or look for details about our harvest party on Facebook, including a special live video tomorrow, with a special announcement.


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