Resolutions? We can help

Studies routinely show up to 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions.  However, a recent University of Scranton study found only 8% of us meet those resolutions.  So let’s examine some of the more common resolutions and how we may be able to help you:


Lose weight. 

The weight loss industry is a $64 billion dollar business, so there’s no shortage in methods to help one lose weight.  But most experts agree that the key to losing weight is 80% based on what you eat.  Try our CSA with fresh veggies delivered every week or if you can’t wait until this summer, stop by our winter farmer market for one of our dinner baskets.  You’ll get fresh produce, organic meat, and a healthy recipe to get dinner on the table next week.

Better health.

Pesticides.  Antibiotics.  GMOs.  It seems there are plenty of reasons to fear what we’re eating and putting in our bodies.  But Kellner Back Acre has organic eggs, organic chickens, and chemical-free produce to help you feel better about what you’re eating.  Plus, our weekly CSA shares are likely much fresher than the produce at the store, which loses nutrients as it sits.

Better financial decisions.

Groceries can be a big part of a family’s weekly budget. US Department of Agriculture indicates a moderate food bill for a family of 4 is $239/week.  Our CSA share is an up-front cost, but typically members receive $25 worth of goods each week, but pay just $19/week for those goods.  And our organic eggs are available to members at $3.50/dozen, where you may pay upwards of $5/dozen for similar eggs in the grocery store.

Do more exciting things.

Maybe you don’t think a CSA membership is exciting.  But each week you get a bounty of fresh vegetables, some familiar and some not-so-familiar.  Let’s be honest – you may not be likely to make kale pesto, but when you get kale for the second week in a row, you learn to step out your comfort zone.  We’ll help with weekly meal boxes, recipes, and tips to store and use that produce.

Learn something new.

Maybe you have already learned something new in this blog!  To help you with this goal, we’ll be posting to social media, providing our weekly newsletter, and regular blog posts to keep you up to date on our sustainable, organic farming practices; how to use those chemical-free vegetables; and information on our organic meat, including how we raise it and the benefits to you.

Interested in learning more?  Call us. Or visit us.


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