CSA Sign Up – Why Do We Sign Up NOW?

csa model.jpg

Kellner Back Acre Garden started CSA sign up for the 2017 season back in November. Why on earth do we start signing people in November for food that won’t be delivered until June, at the earliest? Hopefully you are familiar with the CSA model – you sign up early in the season because this is an investment into the farm where you are a buying a share of the produce come harvest time. The farmer uses this investment as the starting capital each year to bring you weekly harvests later.

Here at Kellner Back Acre we have been busy the entire winter. (There’s no “off-season” for a farmer!) This past month we have been busy evaluating our harvest from last year, what grew well, what did not, and what customers/members have requested. We also take into account different varieties, whether organic seed is available (and never choosing genetically modified), cost, and the appropriate growing season for each variety of seed. We use this information to carefully select seeds for the coming year, which is a huge up front cost for us. Our seed orders have started to come in and it’s a little bit like Christmas for us!!

Want to learn more about why CSAs ask members to sign up early? Or what it is we do on the “off-season”? Follow us on Facebook. Each week we’ll be bringing updates (and maybe a surprise special offer) until February 24, 2017, which is National CSA Day.



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