Ramping up for our season


Even though we are merely days away from February, we are already hard at work into our season. While spring through fall are very busy for us, people don’t realize our work continues through the winter as well. So we’re “pulling back the curtain” in the next few blog posts.

Back in December, our organic certifier was on site for six hours examining the fields and our practices to ensure we are appropriately following their guidelines to remain organic. And since then we’ve spent many hours working our re-certification paperwork, which must be completed and submitted annually.

This week, we’re getting our greenhouses ready. That means checking out the furnaces and running those for a few nights in a row. Not only does this help us ensure they are working (and won’t stop suddenly once we get our new seedlings in), but also helps us start to get the greenhouse to a comfortable temperature. Next week we’ll be spending a lot of time in there planting our new seeds and officially kicking off our 2017 season!

Want to learn more? Come visit us! Or check us out at a “Meet Your Farmer” – see Facebook for details.

Photo credit: Freeimages.com/ Amy Burton


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