CSA Day is Friday, February 24th


What is CSA Day?  It’s the most popular day nationwide that individuals sign up for a CSA.  To celebrate, we’re going to be at Oneida Market on Friday at a CSA expo.  They’ll have samples of chicken soup featuring Kellner Back Acre Garden’s organic chickens.  Meet your farmer, Nancy Kellner, ask questions, and sign up for our CSA!  We’ll have prizes for those that sign up and we’re doing a drawing for a free egg share for all those who sign up and pay in February.

Unclear what a CSA is or why you should join? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a personal relationship between a farmer and eater. You join the farm as a member and you get a box of food from the farm throughout the growing season. The CSA charter describes this relationship well.

As our culture and economy becomes more homogenized and centralized, CSA is the opposite. It is about a personal relationship between a farmer and the CSA members. It is an intimate connection between local farmland and your dinner table.

You get the freshest possible ingredients from a farmer that you know and the farm gets advance knowledge of demand so he or she can focus on growing healthy food and getting the food to you.

In world of intractable problems – take your pick: political and economic instability, nuclear weapons, global warming, and on and on – joining a CSA is a positive act that you can take today that has profound impacts on your health, your local economy, and the environment.

CSA farmers spend money with other local businesses which circulates money in our local economies. CSA farmers take care of their land. CSA farmers treat their employees well. You know all this because you can go visit your CSA farmer and see for yourself. CSA keeps small scale, local farms in business so they can continue producing food for you.

To be frank, joining a CSA is not the easiest path to eating healthy. You can continue to shop at the grocery store and maybe visit the farmers market a few times throughout the season. However, joining a CSA puts you in partnership with a local farmer. A CSA membership enriches your life with high quality food as you spend your food dollars in a way that you will feel good about.

The investment you make in your CSA farm is modest. Our CSA is $22.22/week (as compared to the average at $25/week).  That’s probably less than your cable bill and less than your cell phone bill — for food grown with care in local soil and delivered directly to your neighborhood! There is some up-front investment, though we offer the option to pay 1/2 now and the remaining 1/2 right before the season begins.

Thank you for supporting local farms and making the commitment to a CSA share. Your support makes all the difference and keeps our farm running.





Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our greenhouses are delightful…


New seedling

Our greenhouses are a balmy 70 degrees in fact, even though average temperature is in the high 20s outside. The first full week of February means we begin planting this week! Can you believe that tiny seeds like those above will become mature, ready to eat vegetables, in just a matter of months?


We try to recycle as much as we can from year to year. So that means around this time each year, Tom goes our storage area and hauls back all our black seedling trays. We look them over and those that are still (mostly) intact, we wash and sanitize those. Then to get ready for planting, we pack them with dirt rich in organic matter so the new seedlings will have plenty of food until the weather breaks and we are able to get them in the ground outside.

First up this week – onions seeds. These hardy seeds will one of the first in the ground and the seeds we plant this week will be ready for early summer harvest.

As you can see, we already have significant investment in our seeds at this point and the next few weeks will bring some intensive work, which will get busier come spring time.  Our CSA customers help us to be able to finance this upfront cost and some of the labor until our season starts.  We really appreciate our customers, especially our CSA members!