Our family has been with Kellners for over 8 seasons. It has been a great experience, our kids have a great time helping in the fields and with the animals. There is always a wide variety of produce and more than plenty of it. Tom and Nancy are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The quality of their products is always top notch.  – Joe, member


Seven years ago, after having several health concerns despite eating “healthy” foods, our family realized that we didn’t really know how our food was sourced and we started CSA life.  It was a change but worth it!!!  Today, we eat our whole food meals, year round, having seen it grow on Nancy’s farm.  The kids love little visits and helping on the farm, side by side with Nancy.  I love teaching them about safe nutrition and a childhood that teaches the circle of life, hands on.  Nancy’s care is friendly and her CSA allows us to eat a whole food organic diet that is within our financial reach.  We are grateful! – Lorelei, member


We have been enjoying the fresh vegetables, eggs, and poultry from Kellner’s since we joined the CSA in 2009.  Each week we look forward to seeing Nancy and her wonderful staff and the delicious food we bring home. –  Rick and Sharon, members


This is going to be our 5th year being Kellner Farm CSA members. Spending time at this family farm has been an eye opening experience. While volunteering, we have become more aware of all the time, energy and dedication that goes into running Kellner Back Acre Farms. We are happy to support people who think growing healthy food is worth all the extra work. – Deb and Jim, members


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